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  • Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base is the first makeup base that allows makeup applied over the base to be washed off using only warm water! Thanks to the total transformation of the makeup routine achieved by this product, users can feel more relaxed about wearing makeup, knowing that their skin can easily be restored to its natural state.Contains brightening powder and smoothing powder Hydrates the skin to protect it from dryness, contains hyaluronic acid for moisturization. Can be used as a lipstick base.

    • After basic skincare steps, apply this makeup base before applying makeup.
    • Use an amount about the size of two pearls for the entire face. Take the product on the palm and dot two or three spots onto each cheek, the upper eyelids, forehead, nose, and chin.
    • Spread evenly across the entire face using the pads of the fingers.
    • When the makeup base has been smoothed across the skin and has dried out, apply desired foundation and eye and lip (point) makeup.
    • When it is time to remove your makeup, just scrub your face with warm water and the makeup, along with the makeup base beneath, will detach from the skin and glide off smoothly.
    ৳ 1,550.00