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  • A coconut oil,enriched with special natural ingredients–Methi,Amla and Aloe Vera to give extra nourishment to your hair.The oil penetrates deeply to nourish the hair roots, giving you visible reduction in hair fall and resulting in thick,beautiful & healthy hair.

    • Methi–Provides hair with nourishment,reduces hair fall and gives you healthy hair.
    • Amla–Strengthens the hair roots to prevent hair fall and gives you beautiful hair.
    • Aloe vera–Acts as a Natural Conditioner and makes hair soft and smooth.
    • An enriched coconut oil which visibly reduces hairfall in Just 45 days.
    ৳ 255.00
  • Air Conditioning Hair  Kumano Pharmaact Additive the Free Conditioner plant-based, with no additives intended for sensitive scalp.Amino acids and ceramides-6, which are part of the plant conditioner, have a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair. These ingredients improve the appearance of the hair, reduce the loss of moisture, make the hair more flexible, shiny, resistant to external damage. Herbal conditioner effectively removes hair from damage and dryness, makes them more smooth and docile. The conditioner is made without adding fragrances, dyes and antiseptic agents. Kumano Pharmaact Conditioner handles  well with dry hair tips. It makes it easier to comb without making your hair heavier.

    • Moisturizing component: Amino Acid Creamed AP, with suppressed pase, to hair with a strong cohesion in both moisture and dryness.
    • Coat the surface of the hair tightly, protect hair from further damage.
    • Flavorings ,coloring agents, preservatives are not used.


    • After applying the shampoo, apply to wet hair, leave for 1-2 minutes
    • Wash with a sufficient amount of water.


    • Do not use the product if you have scratches or redness.
    • If you develop redness, itching, other allergic reactions during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor. If continued use, then deterioration of the state is possible.
    • Avoid contact with eyes and rinse thoroughly with water.
    • If the burning does not go away, consult a doctor.
    ৳ 1,200.00