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  • Beaua Additivefree conditioner is specially formulated to condition your hair after using Beaua Additivefree Shampoo. Its unique formulation contains no preservatives, no colorant and no synthetic fragrance.  Free from all harsh chemicals that can cause itchiness or rashes on our scalp. Enriched with all natural nutrients, it protects and moisturizes your hair adequately, leaving it soft and silky. Specially formulated for hypoallergenic and sensitive scalp.

    ৳ 1,275.00
  • BEAUA Medicated Scalp Clear Shampoo cares for your scalp and hair in a wholesome way. This shampoo contains a Piroctone Olamine based formula that provides the proper nutrients for your scalp. The medicated shampoo helps to keep your scalp free from dryness and itchiness. Your scalp and hair get the appropriate care they need, along with being free of dandruff.

    ৳ 1,450.00
  • Salon Link Extra Conditioner is a proven professional hair conditioner that luxuriously nourishes your hair with it’s top grade Amino Acids and Silk Proteins components. Amino Acid in this conditioner provides natural protein that helps to restore moisture and rejuvenate damaged hair while Silk Protein protects the hair from daily environmental exposure leaving it smooth, silky and manageable.


    • After shampooing, pump 1-2 drops into palms.
    • Apply evenly onto hair and leave it on for awhile before rinsing off thoroughly.
    • Use together with Salon Link Extra Shampoo for best results.


    • Avoid contact with eyes. If it does, please rinse out immediately.
    • Do not use when scalp is red, inflamed, infected or painful.
    • Should you experience signs of skin redness, swelling, itchness or irritation, discontinue use immediatedly and consult a dermatologist.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Store in a cool place
    ৳ 1,950.00