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Xpel Tea foaming Face Wash gives the lasting effects of tea extracts and cleanses your face like never before. The tree extracts reach all your pores and clear out all the pollutants out. It keeps your skin fresh and spots away. The foam makes the cleansing even deeper so you can go the whole day in a refreshed mood. 



Xpel Tea Foaming face wash gives you a refreshing cleansing experience just as a cup of tea in the morning does to your senses. Xpel has special tea tree extracts that reach the inner pores and take for better cleansing. The tea infused foam clears out the pores of any dirt or pollutants in the skin. The wash removes any oily or greasy feeling on the skin.  The tea extracts also ensure your face is as soft and dryness is removed. The herbal components also prevents spots, infections and pimples from ever forming. Make your face a little wet and dab on the face wash in round motion, then let the tea tree and foam wash over. Refreshing clean skin is only a wash away.


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