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 TOSOWOONG Foot Cream is a very sensitive foot care item. The cream helps to provide care for the cracks and callused feet problems. The formula also helps with hydration. The skin feels softer and the crack and problems with the skin are less noticeable than before. 



TOSOWOONG Foot Cream provides acute, gentle and intensive care for your feet in more ways than one. Feet are our guide to physical activities in the physical world. We use our feet to run, walk, jump, support ourselves, sit, provide balance, give strength in heavy tasks and more. The feet always needs extensive and intensive care. The exposure to the outside world makes it quite hard for feet to get the proper amount of care it needs. So in the absence of that care coupled with harsh weather and pollution, the feet become rough, dry. There are cracks popping up here and there in the feet. So to alleviate these problems you need proper care for your feet. TOSOWOONG Foot Cream gives that care. The niacinamide based formula helps to bring life to dry hard skin. 


The formula also provides ultra hydration. The cream is non-greasy and feels dry to skin. The formula absorbs very quickly with the skin. The formula also provides hydration to the skin. The callus and the split skin of the feet are easily cleansed and taken care of with the formula.


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