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TOSOWOONG Anti Wrinkle BTX forms great protection against wrinkles and other skin problems. The scientific combination of adenosine and organic vegetable collagen helps with removing wrinkles from eye rims. The formula also helps to tackle wrinkles in other areas as well.



TOSOWOONG Anti Wrinkle BTX presents very well balanced protection for the proper care of the area around your eyes. There are some quite tricky places in your body which you need to take appropriate care of. These places are either hard to reach or too sensitive to apply any additional care. The area around the eyes and cheekbones might be one of these places. Many problems can arise because stress, overuse of glasses, sleeping problems, weather, lifestyle habits and pollution. The main problems may include wrinkles, dark circles, lines and eyes under the bags. These problems can make the face and skin look old and lifeless. So you need a certain amount of care of that specific area. TOSOWOONG Anti Wrinkle BTX has the proper balance of elements to combat the problems. The adenosine based formula helps you get concentrated skincare. 


The formula also has vegetable collagen that works especially against wrinkles. The wrinkles around the eye rims seem less visible with regular use. The other wrinkles can also be targeted with the Anti-Wrinkle BTX. The use of the organic components also has a significant effect on the skin. 


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