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The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream cares for a very sensitive area of the face which is the area around the eyes. The Vitamin E and whitegerm oil formula helps to hydrate and provide soft skin around the sensitive area. Dark circles and lines around the eye seem less visible with regular use. 



The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream is a special type of care for a very distinct part of your facial skin. Our eyes are very important parts of our anatomy. We always concentrate on our work, while also communicate with our eyes. The work and the stress of the work always has an effect on our eyes. The people who wear glasses also are under constant pressure from eye related pressures. So the skin under our eyes have an adverse effect. On top of this sweat, pollution and changing lifestyle habits also contribute to many types of impurities. One common problem are dark circles around the eyes. Also stress can mean lines on the skin start appearing quicker than before. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream can relieve these problems quite easily. With a very powerful skin friendly element of Vitamin E, The eye cream works on the circles and lines. 


The Vitamin E formula provides moisture and tender care to the sensitive area around the eye. The dark circles seem less visible than before. The lines start appearing less and less as well. The whitegerm oil helps to pump in the right amount of hydration needed for the care of the area around the eye.


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