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The Body Shop Honeymania Nourishing Body Butter has a formula that caters to your skin texture. The honey made formula helps to lock in the moisturization needed for your skin, for 48 hours. It also leaves a soothing fragrance that lasts long. On top of this formula has a really good effect on dry skin, leaving it smooth and soft.



The Body Shop Honeymania Nourishing Body Butter is a perfect softening solution for your skin. Our body consists of a whole set of different mechanisms that go into making our lives worth living. We survive because all our body mechanisms are in top order. Our skin plays a huge part in protecting our inner mechanisms from outside pollution and harm. In that way our skin goes through a very rough regime of exposure. Our skin also makes up a lot of our outlook. So our skin needs a separate type of care. Lack of care might result in our skin getting dry, rough, blemishes popping up and even more sinister implications. The Body Shop Honeymania Nourishing Body Butter nullifies many of these problems with an all round care. The honey based formula helps you keep the moisturization for 48 hours.


Moreover the honey based formula is enriched with a sweet perfume. The formula locks in the perfume and fragrance keeps you fresh throughout the day.  The formula is also well suited for the really rough and dry skin types. It makes the skin softer and smoother than before.

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