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Organikare Coffee Scrub is the perfect companion for your scrubbing needs. The coffee and other natural extracts keeps facial pores clear of pollutants and impurities. It also prevents blackheads while keeping the skin soft and smooth. It also clears dead cells and dry skin leaving your face looking fresh as ever. 



Organikare Coffee Scrub is a very food facial scrub to protect your face from dead cells and impurities. The outer and inner environment that surrounds us, is filled with pollutants that affect our face. The climate is also a factor because of the changes in temperature and other factors. These may result in dry and dead skin cells. This leaves the skin looking very lifeless dull and sometimes ill. Organikare Coffee Scrub makes sure that dead cells don’t stay in your face and cleanses these impurities in thoroughly. Infused with Coffee, Apricot Seed Powder, Olive oil and other natural ingredients; the scrub gives keeps the facial skin pores free of pollutants. It renders the skin soft and smooth. 


The components also help remove blackheads and prevent them. To get best results, massage the scrub smoothly and evenly in the areas of the face and neck. Massage the area around the eyes and avoid the actual eyes. Keep it for a minute or so, then wash and rinse thoroughly.


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