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Dove Shampoo Intense Repair provides the cellular care for your hair and Keratin. The Superior care solution helps you to gain a healthy level of care for your hair. It reduces breakage of your hair and becomes stronger than ever. The concern at the cellular and Keratin level makes your hair strong from the inside. With healthy hair, you also get a lustrous, flowing look.

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Dove Shampoo Intense Repair goes in deep cellular levels to repair your damaged hair holistically. Your hair by nature is a delicate structure containing Keratin and other cellular components. If you want your hair to stay as healthy as possible, then you have to maintain your care at that level. But with the busy schedule we undertake every day; it becomes a challenging task. Without the necessary components, your hair will lose its core strength. On top of this, the environmental pressure compounds the damage of your hair. So to make sure your hair gets the proper treatment, you need Dove Shampoo Intense Repair. This shampoo gives you solutions for your damaged and dry hair. 


This superior care solution for hair gives your hair freedom from dryness and damages. It decreases hair breakage and makes the strands strong. The shampoo delivers care at a cellular level that goes into the Keratin levels of your hair. This shampoo makes the hair healthy from the inside. If your hair is nourished and healthy, it looks lustrous and free-flowing.


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