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Delon Skin Lotion Cucumber & Green Tea provides multi-level benefits and protection for your skin. Endowed with green tea and cucumber the lotion helps to keep the moisturization locked and fills in the necessary hydration. It also helps to keep the blemishes and impurities away. The skin is more supple and the lotion reduces the dryness altogether.



Delon Skin Lotion Cucumber & Green Tea is a very potent solution for multiple types of skin problems. Our skin has multiple needs in order to maintain overall balance. But it is tough to do so with the mounting pollution in the environment. The climate is also changing with the temperature levels and the aspects of the environment being affected. On top of this the changing lifestyle brings stress and physical implications for our body. Our skin is the most affected part of our body as it interacts with the outer environment at a more exposed level. There are missing nourishment, lacking moisturization, blemishes, ageing skin and a slew of other problems. Delon Skin Lotion Cucumber & Green Tea has the solutions to some of these problems. Cucumber and green tea are both very energizing elements for our skin. It provides moisturization, reduces blemishes and also helps keep the skin balance.


The two ingredients also keeps skin from getting rough or dry. The skin regains its supple state. It also helps to provide protection against multiple impurities and reduces existing blemishes at the same time. The cream also works as a perfume of sorts and keeps your skin scented throughout the use time.


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