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Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion is a simple yet effective solution to all your moisturization needs. Equipped with cucumber and vitamins, the lotion provides hydration all throughout the day. Antioxidants make the skin hydrated and smooth at the same time. This has been made with Dermatologists and is perfect for all skin types.



Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion provides moisturization for your skin in optimum ways. Skin types vary from person to person. There is also the matter of the geographical position of the person that has much impact on the skin types. Skin types contribute to how your skin actually responds to the various changes of the environment. One aspect of the skin that is dramatically affected by the outer environment is the moisturization. The exposure to the outside environment might be another reason that our moisturization is lacking. Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion helps to give back the moisture lost or lacking in our face and skin. The vitamins and cucumber takes care of your skin quite gently. The cucumber is also a very well known component for hydrating the skin. 


The moisturizing lotion contains antioxidants which provide continued moisturization throughout the day. Also the lotion makes the skin soft and smooth to the touch. Dermatologists were consulted while making this cream and it is suitable for all skin types. To get the best results you can smooth it over face and neck after cleansing.


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