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BEAUA Medicated Scalp Clear Shampoo cares for your scalp and hair in a wholesome way. This shampoo contains a Piroctone Olamine based formula that provides the proper nutrients for your scalp. The medicated shampoo helps to keep your scalp free from dryness and itchiness. Your scalp and hair get the appropriate care they need, along with being free of dandruff.



BEAUA Medicated Scalp Clear Shampoo takes care of your scalp and, in turn, your hair as a whole. The skin is the most exciting tissue in your whole body. It covers your entire body, which differs according to the type of body part. An exciting part of your skin is your scalp. Not only does it include your brain, but it also houses the roots of your hair strands. If your scalp is not healthy, then your hair becomes damaged in the process. It is tough to provide whole-hearted care for your scalp. Because your scalp goes through a whole lot of environmental and lifestyle choices, it becomes damaged in the process. BEAUA Medicated Scalp Clear Shampoo provides that specific brand of care for your hair.


The shampoo contains a formula with Piroctone Olamine that provides a medicated scalp care. Your dry, itchy scalp heals quickly with this formula. With this, you can also get nourishing ingredients for your scalp. The wholesome ingredients help to restore the proper health of your hair and remove dandruff. The plant extracts moisturizes and keeps your hair and scalp healthy all the way.


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