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  • HealthAid Sexovit Forte Tablets may be of benefit to:
    Men and women who want to maintain healthy sexual function
    People who may be under pressure with stress, which may interfere with sexual performance
    Ideal for the senior citizens
    Men who wish to improve sperm function and maintain general reproductive health
    Anyone who desires to maintain a healthy nervous system, heart and blood circulation

    When Should I Take HealthAid Sexovit Forte Tablets?
    Every individual is different therefore, while some may feel an improvement in as little as two weeks others may need more time and higher dosage to notice benefits.

    Take one tablet daily for at least four weeks. If maximum results are not achieved an increase to three tablets a day and maintain that intake for another four weeks.

    As with any nutritional product, this product should be used in conjunction with an exercise programme and a well-balanced diet.

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